1. Infra red photocells guards CE in (L)
  2. Inox table, cast iron frame.
  3. Time- limited two hands cut control with inhibition of successive cut.
  4. 7” Touch screen program with universal language (using simple signs).
  5. Foot pedal for pre-pressing to insure a better-cut accuracy.
  6. Hydraulic knife cut for high quality and powerful cut.
  7. Hydraulic press adjustable in pressure to cut: think paper, cardboard,
    Bristol, plastic, covers, books….
  8. Knife depth adjustable, delivered with 2 knifes
  9. Cutting line
  10. Emergency stop button
  11. Cover on rear table
  12. Side lead screw with double guiding bat (no hole on table), and back gauge made in case.

Robust Construction

Ball screw for highly precision cut

Safety device to avoid unwanted
second-time knife cutting

CE approval as option

Specification 550 (21")
A Cutting Thickness mm/inch 95 (3.74")
B Cutting Width mm/inch 550 (21.65")
C Cutting Length mm/inch 550 (21.65")
D Front Table Length mm/inch 450 (17.71")
E Table Height mm/inch 900 (35.43")
F Total Machine Length mm/inch 1360 (53.54")
G Machine Width mm/inch 1080 (42.51")
H Machine Height mm/inch 1360 (53.54")
Electrical Supply   As required
Main Motor KW(HP) (1.5) 2
Paper Feeding Motor KW(HP) 0.1875 (0.25)
Net Weight Kg /(lbs) 430 (946)
Measurement mm 1360x1080x1360

※Technical data to change without notice