1. Pile Turners are to turn the pile paper on the pallets or change the pallets while paper in pile. This machine not only increases the efficiency, but also reduces the occupational hazards.
  2. Functions: Turning, jogging, Airing and aligning.

Specification LG-T120AJ
A Max. Pile height mm(inch) 1350 (53.14)
B Min. Pile height mm(inch) 630 (24.8)
C Platform width mm(inch) 1350 (53.14)
D Platform length mm(inch) 900 (49.21)
Hydraulic motor Kw (HP) 1.5 (2HP)
Vibration motor Kw (HP) 0.45 (0.5HP)
Air motor Kw (HP) 3.75 (5HP)
Carrying Power Kg (lbs) 1000 (2200)
Measurement Mm(inch)

2060 x 2530 x 1760
(81.10 x 99.60 x 69.29)

Machine Weight Kgs (lbs) 1600 (3520)

※Technical data to change without notice